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ShunyaPanth is based on the ideology of Shunya (formless Almighty), contributes to remove all types of superstitions in the world. ShunyaPanth has been preaching ShunyaGyaan since many years, and has frequently organized discussions on Shunyaatma and salvation which helps eradicate misconceptions and illusions regarding these concepts.

If you are also a seeker of Shunya, we welcome you to join ShunyaPanth.

How to become Shunyatmik

As a first step, you should know and understand your level- whether you are Dharmatmik, Adhyatmik or Shunyatmik. If you are unable to assess yourself, you can ask us to help in your analysis.

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शून्य मानो – शून्य जानो !

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Vijay Batra (Karmalogist)

Founder, Director