ShunyaPanth is the only community of shunya seekers in the world which guides and helps to become Shunyatmik through Shunyatm.

ShunyaPanth® is based on the ideology of Shunya or Shoonya (formless Almighty), contributes to remove all types of superstitions in the world. ShunyaPanth has been preaching ShunyaGyan for many years, and has frequently organized discussions on ShunyaAtma and salvation which helps eradicate misconceptions and illusions regarding these concepts. ShunyaPanth helps you to elevate yourself from spiritual to Shunyatmik and guides you to follow Shunyatm.

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Shunya Panth is a community which progresses their journey towards Shunya. ShunyaPanth is not a religion and does not ask you to change your beliefs and does not involve any rituals.

Shunya Panth does not promote any kind of visible or tangible things or objects, living or dead person(s), photos, directions, illogical rituals, costumes, orthodox beliefs and any kind of superstition. ShunyaPanth has been working for years to illuminate and enlighten seekers of Shunya and salvation.

Shunya Panth organizes and conducts debate & discussion sessions to expose the truth about general beliefs. ShunyaPanth helps people get rid of false fears and confusions and to actually attain factual Shunya-wisdom.

After decades of research, Vijay Batra (Karmalogist) established ShunyaPanth in 2004 to impart the knowledge of formless Almighty and make ShunyaGyan accessible to all soul-citizens in their Shunya journey.

Worldly (meterialist) people are dependent on others and seek outer help (such as rituals, donations, daily prayers etc.) for their goals and desires. Spiritual people develop them and help themselves for fame and gain. They do meditation and other practices to help others for spiritual developments.

Shunyatmik (followers of Shunya) people are neutral people who are connected with formless Almighty even with open eyes. Once you have gained ShunyaGyan, you enter the Shunya mind-set and become independent of worldly and spiritual matters.

Shunya Panth has written the book, “Shunyatmik” that aims to spread the knowledge of soul, consequences of karma, Shunya and salvation to the world. For complete knowledge of Shunya, “Shunyatmik” acts as a mentor and mediator to eradicate your fears and confusions, and to help and guide you on the path of salvation.

Shunya Panth welcomes all Soul-Citizens to contribute and expand the ShunyaGyan to the world.

Shunya Gyan : To end ignorance and to attain salvation
Shunya Kriya : To multiply soul powers to change everything
Shunya Mantra : To nullify all problems, hindrance and troubles
Shunya Remedy : To improve emotional and physical strength
Shunya Rituals : To experience infinite Shunyatmik world

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How to become Shunyatmik

As a first step, you should know and understand your level- whether you are Dharmatmik, Adhyatmik or Shunyatmik. If you are unable to assess yourself, you can ask us to help in your analysis.

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End Ignorance – Attain Salvation

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