Shunyalogy is inspired by the idea of a Shunya (formless Almighty) operating the entire universe. Shunyalogy is not based on any tangible object(s), stories and/or living or dead individual(s). According to Shunyalogy theory, the entire universe is within Shunya and thus, all celestial objects have speed and light. Shunyalogy introduced the world with the concept of three stages of an individual –

(1) Religious, (2) Spiritual, (3) Shunyatmik

Shunyalogy helps to get rid of all types of fears, illusions, fallacies and provides the tools & tactics to deal with all kinds of problems, mental stress, tensions and hurdles of life to attain diving pleasure, peace of mind and salvation. You get rid of orthodox beliefs and provides inspiration to live your daily life in a categorical and logical manner. Shunyalogy provides deep knowledge about life and its purpose, and the unique wisdom of formless and worldly things.

  • Find Yourself
  • Energy Blend
  • Accessible Way
  • Conscious Living
  • Practical Wisdom
  • Essential Teachings
  • Uncommon Happiness

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