Do You Practice Meditation!

Article by Vijay Batra (Founder of ShunyaPanth)

Mediation Practitioners usually have a motive while practicing meditation. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Seeker wants to gain self-confidence
  • Seeker wants to see or meet his/her God
  • Seeker is unable to face their problems
  • Seeker wants to eradicate all negativity
  • Seeker wants protection from evil energy
  • Seeker wants to gain supernatural powers
  • Seeker wants to fulfil worldly requirements
  • Seeker wants to become a Guru for others
  • Seeker practices meditation based on general information
  • Seeker wants to pass time without doing any other Karma
  • Seeker is scared about concepts such as death, after-life etc.
  • Seeker is really seeking for Moksha!

You do not need any physical pose (meditation pose), direction, particular place, dress code, specific time to connect with the Shunya and to become Shunyatmik (who only follow Shunya and do not believe in superstitions etc.)

ShunyaPanth is the only community of Shunya-believers in the world which helps to become Shunyatmik through Shunyatm.

About ShunyaPanth

  • ShunyaPanth is a non-religious community and does not ask you to follow anything of the world.
  • ShunyaPanth teaches about the origin of soul, the secret world of souls, salvation and karma-theory and providing superhuman Shunya Gyan to the soul-citizens.
  • ShunyaPanth is especially for those who want to take next step in their journey from spirituality to Shunya.
  • ShunyaPanth guides you how to become Shunyatmik and live superstition-free life.

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