Q. What is Shunya according to ShunyaPanth?

A. Shunya is the source of Energy, Light and Vibration in ShunyaPanth’s theory. Please note that Shunya is not the energy which operates whole universe.

Q. What are the benefits of joining ShunyaPanth?

A. ShunyaPanth helps to get rid of all evil effects of Karma and negative energy and to activate soul energy within you to become soul superpower instead of a living being.

Q. How ShunyaPanth will help in worldly problems?

A. ShunyaPanth organizes ShunyaSang to get rid of all types of worldly problems without depending on superstitions and illogical beliefs

Q. What is Shunya Kriya?

A. Shunya Kriya is a unique practice to activate soul superpower within you to change everything happening around. Shunya Kriya is not similar to any yoga or mudras.

Q. What is Shunya Mantra?

A. Shunya Mantra is a powerful tool to eradicate all negative effects of karma and negative energy. ShunyaPanth teaches secretive science of Shunya mantra in workshops.

Q. How ShunyaPanth will help to attain Moksha?

A. ShunyaPanth is providing Shunya Gyan to attain Moksha and also teaches Law of Shunya to complete soul journey. If you do not know about the creation of soul, you can not have knowledge of moksha.