Shunya Mantra

We are surrounded by immense information and knowledge, that we are confused as to which God’s/Goddess‘s name or which mantra should one chant. Everyone feels that the success of one particular goal, can be accomplished by the chanting of one mantra or the worship of specific deity/God and for another goal, you need to chant another mantra and worship another deity/God.

On the other hand, everyone is also aware, that there is one God who is formless and who encompasses all other deities, their incarnations, and all planets and constellations. From the divine perspective, God is formless and has nothing to do with the virtues and vices seen and understood in this world.

Like the son, cannot know about the birth of his father, similarly, we ordinary beings, cannot know about God and his various forms/names. This is also a fact, that no body in this world knows God’s true name. We ordinary beings, consider any name taken with devotion and conviction, to be his name and we believe God to be all pervading and omnipresent.

As a result of ignorance and bad mouthing, all of us have been so disillusioned, that inspire of knowing God and self, like fools, we are wandering aimlessly. It is common belief, that whatever is occurring in this world and whatever, we see is a lie and mortal /destructible. Shunya is the only truth.

Whatever is taking place in this world is created and controlled by formless Almighty.

In simple words, it can be said that God is Shunya. Since we are not aware of the actual name of God, we should refer to him as the Shunya and the chanting of this repeatedly, will accomplish all our works successfully.

By chanting Shunya-Shunya, we are directly connected with Shunya and do not need the help of any link in between. For chanting Shunya-Shunya, the soul does not require any image, idol or a being. The soul connects directly with the formless creator. All worldly sorrows come to an end by the repetitive chanting of Shunya-Shunya, and the soul is freed from the cycle of life and death.

No rituals or occasion is necessary to chant the name of Shunya. It can be chanted, any and every time. Time or place do not matter because the divine formless being is omnipresent. For worldly and spiritual progress, one should chant the name of Shunya continuously. The more often you keep Shunya close to your heart, the more often you will feel his presence around you.

ShunyaPanth’s sole intention is guide those who are disillusioned and disheartened by life. For any type of spiritual delusion, uneasiness, doubt, fear, difficulty as well as soul guidance contact ShunyaPanth.

Chant ‘Shunya Shunya’ Mantra everyday. Chanting this nullifies all types of problems, hinderances, stress and troubles.

‘Shunya Shunya’ mantra chanting can be done from anywhere, anytime and in any position. You do not need to worry about any delusions such as direction, location, position, number, time, etc. while chanting this mantra.

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