Shunya Kriya

Experience Shunya Energy !

It is well-known that all universe is operated by invisible and formless Shunya-Energy. All planets, stars, galaxies present in the universe, including every living being on earth has a fractional part of Shunya energy within, that means Shunya energy is spreading everywhere in the universe in invisible shape. In simple words, we can say that Shunya energy partially exists in each planet, star, galaxy and living being and everything along with every living being is operated by micro Shunya energy in the universe.

Every being has micro Shunya energy within and transforming it into Complete Shunya energy is the ultimate goal of the life for every being. To transform micro Shunya energy into Complete Shunya Energy, every being is dependent on other being’s micro Shunya Energy. Multiple micro Shunya Energies interact to become Complete Shunya Energy. For example, a Guru or teacher is needed to guide their student and helps them to transform their Shunya energy into Complete Shunya energy. One or more beings can be assistants to help one transform their micro Shunya energy into Complete Shunya Energy. All beings with heightened Shunya energy are known as Shunyatma or Shunyatmik. When a Shunyatma interacts with general beings with micro Shunya energy, the general beings experience the flow of multiple Shunya energies inside them which removes soul obstacles and the burden of consequences of our actions.

ShunyaPanth organizes ShunyaSang (the connecting workshop) where the practice of ShunyaKriya is taught and applied. With regular and disciplined practice, ShunyaKriya makes normal beings transform into Shunyatma(s). ShunyaKriya is a unique practice and is not based on any yoga or hand mudras.

To free your soul and attain liberation (Moksha), participate in ShunyaSang and practice Shunyakriya regularly.

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