Message from Shunya Panth

Dear Soul Citizen,

If you are doing the same as others, you will be confused like others as well in the purpose of life because you are missing ‘Shunya’ in your life journey. We welcome you to join us and experience a world beyond the conscious with open eyes. It is rare opportunity for all who want to achieve extraordinary levels and to become a Shunyatmik.

ShunyaPanth welcomes you into ShunyaKriya (Connection with Shunya). This is a next level experience of spiritual journey to practice ShunyaKriya. You will be awakened with Shunya-Energy during ShunyaKriya designed by ShunyaPanth.

ShunyaPanth recommends you to participate regularly into ShunyaSang (the connecting workshop) and practice ShunyaKriya to explore your Shunya journey.

There are three levels of ShunyaKriya – after mastering all three levels along with acquiring ShunyaGyan(Knowledge of Shunya) and experiences of Shunya journey, you will be titled as ‘Shunyatmik’ by ShunyaPanth. Being a Shunyatmik is the most honored title of Shunya world.

ShunyaPanth was founded in year 2004 by Vijay Batra (Karmalogist) with the aim to create a superstition free world and provide ShunyaGyan and ShunyaKriya for soul-citizens who lack actual wisdom of Shunya.

Feel free to contact for your queries and curiosities.  


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