Shunya Flame

Shunya Seekers,

We are delighted to inform you that we have started providing most secretive ancient Shunya flame practice to all Shunyapanthi. Shunya Flame Practice will help you get rid of all blockages, bad karma, evil energy. Shunya Flame Practice will help you know how to attain moksha from worldly problems, enemies, negative situations, sufferings of mind, body and soul.  

There are three types of Shunya flame practices which one should practice for body, mind and soul. Shunya Flame Practice is a guided practice which involves a single or a combination of practices to achieve your purpose.

There are so many benefits of Shunya flame practice and will be achieved by regular practice:

  • Immune against all kinds of negativity and evil energy
  • Awakening of the power of your Soul
  • Development of Intuition to a higher level
  • Journey towards Shunya towards Shunyatm
  • Negativity and evil energy will be vanished
  • Moksha before death and meditation with open eyes

This practice is suitable to learn and practice for people who:

Have an interest in metaphysical world

Are aware of their intuition power

Can sense unusual things or events

Can connect with their energy

Want to awaken your soul power

Are bold and confident enough

Shunya Flame Practice is not available online nor any online certification is provided by ShunyaPanth for this practice.

Vijay Batra Karmalogist

Founder: ShunyaPanth