SHUNYAARTHI – The Collector of ShunyaGyaan

As you know that ShunyaPanth is the sole provider of ShunyaGyaan for more than two decades, is the first and foremost institution to preach ShunyaGyaan (Shunyaatmik Gyaan) across the globe and is actively involved in its expansion.

We inform you with utmost delight that ShunyaPanth has started a ShunyaGyaan collective workshop for people who have spiritual knowledge and are the seekers of Shunyaatmik knowledge.

ShunyaPanth has pledge to impart ShunyaGyaan to 100 Shunyaarthis each year who are passionate about Shunyaatmik Gyaan. This workshop will include the practice of ShunyaMantra and ShunyaKriya along with the knowledge of Shunyaatmik Gyaan.

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Workshop Schedule – weekly

Morning session – 11 am to 1 pm

Evening session – 3 pm to 5 pm

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To become a Shunyaarthi, contact our office.